Shoulder Stability Protocol
Shoulder Stability Protocol

Shoulder Stability Protocol

California Strength
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Are you tired of lifting through pain? Looking for more stability overhead? This 8-Week Shoulder Stability Protocol will take you step by step to a pain free and more functional shoulder.

The 8-Week Shoulder Stability Protocol was developed by Dr. Kelly Wild, a licensed physical therapist and nationally ranked Olympic weightlifting athlete. She has combined the latest in rehabilitation techniques with her vast athletic experience into an affordable solution for anyone looking to strengthen their shoulders. This step by step program will ensure that your shoulder and surrounding structures have the strength and stability necessary for healthy function while serving as a foundation for whatever athletic endeavor you choose to pursue.

  • 24 Workouts (approximately 45 minutes each)

  • Appropriate for all experience levels

  • Scalable alternatives for each exercise included

  • Complete Video Tutorial Library with Detailed Points of Performance

  • 32 + Pages


“As a competitive athlete and physical therapist, I can relate not only to the success athletes experience with big wins, but I can also relate to the struggle and frustration that athletes endure due to injury. I believe that health care should be PROACTIVE, not reactive. My primary goal in developing this program is to improve your stability, structural balance and reduce your risk of injury so that you can continue to pursue your athletic and fitness goals. By adhering to the protocol outlined in this book, I look forward to seeing you through an active and healthy life!” - Kelly Wild

You will receive a digital copy of your Shoulder Stability Protocol immediately following purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Preston Breece
Saved my shoulder

The shoulder stability protocol gave me the opportunity to work on my shoulder stability and made me even stronger than I was ever before. An absolute must have!

Zach Alexander
Glad I found this program

After being familiar with california strength and their programming, I stumbled upon the shoulder stability and am so glad I made the purchase. I have had rotator and bicep tendonitis and other pain off and on for a couple years and have tried every exercise and mobility. Nothing really worked and then I found this program and having a strict program to follow has helped my pain tremendously

Great recovery program!

2 weeks into the protocol my left shoulder feeling much stronger! Highly recommend if you struggling with a shoulder pain in the lifts or as supplemental to your daily training!


I have worked with patients (chiro and PT) for 30 years - this is the best program I have ever seen. I am doing the program myself - it is awesome! Dr Rahn

Patricia Penton
Great shoulder program

I’m only one week in to the shoulder program and my overhead position in snatch and jerk already looks and feels so much stronger! I also had some nagging sore spots in my lat and rhomboid that are completely gone! The videos are super descriptive and helpful. I highly recommend this program!