Shoulder Mobility Protocol

Shoulder Mobility Protocol

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Are you looking to improve your overhead mobility and overall shoulder function? This 8-Week Program will take you step by step through the same progressions that Dr. Kelly Wild, a licensed physical therapist uses with her patients every day. She has combined the latest in Prehab and Rehab techniques with her vast athletic experience to provide you with a road map to increased range of motion.

  • 24 Workouts (approximately 45 minutes each)

  • Appropriate for all experience levels

  • Scalable alternatives for each exercise included

  • Complete Video Tutorial Library with Detailed Points of Performance

  • 32 + Pages


“As a competitive athlete and physical therapist, I can relate not only to the success athletes experience with big wins, but I can also relate to the struggle and frustration that athletes endure due to injury. I believe that health care should be PROACTIVE, not reactive. My primary goal in developing this program is to improve your stability, structural balance and reduce your risk of injury so that you can continue to pursue your athletic and fitness goals. By adhering to the protocol outlined in this book, I look forward to seeing you through an active and healthy life!” - Kelly Wild

You will receive a digital copy of your Shoulder Mobility Protocol immediately following purchase.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Bass
Thank you!

As an aging athlete in my 40’s this has been an imperative part of my daily self care so I can continue to lift heavy s**t. Kelly Wild not only has the educational pedigree but she’s lived a shoulder injury.

Ryan Jacobs
Excellent Content.

Shoulder mobility is my number one issue in my lifts, this protocol does and excellent job at giving you exercises that will help correct these issues!

Michael Cherney
Super Helpful!

I knew my shoulder stability needed work. My lower traps were incredibly weak, compared to everything else. Got this protocol, but was skeptical. Incorporated the exercises into my workouts (I did them as a warm up), and I was seeing significant improvements in the areas of shoulder mobility, strength, and stability within two weeks. I even noticed a nice physique improvement with my traps! I am currently on week 8 of the protocol, and it was INSANELY worth it. My snatches and jerks are waaaaaay more stable, and just plain feel better. My shoulders are pain free, too! Great way to build strength and avoid injury.

The only thing I found annoying was that many times the protocol called for movements that I was completely unfamiliar with. Most of the time they could be found consulting the almighty Google, but more times than I would have liked, they couldn't (at least for me!). I was stuck making sense out of it the best I could. There may have been a database out there somewhere to find these movements, but I am still unaware of where that might be.

Doing the exercises I could find an explanation for, though, was well worth the occasional frustration of not knowing what something was!

So good!

Injured my rotator cuff and after doing this ebook for 2 weeks I am able to lift again !!!!