WK Signature Wraps
WK Signature Wraps
WK Signature Wraps

WK Signature Wraps

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These wraps, made by Richmond Weightlifting, are sold in pairs and are one size fits all! To ensure a proper fit, don't forget to loop the straps through the holes prior to feeding them through the buckles.

They are made of one solid piece of pigmented premium leather, which creates a high level of support and durability. They also include micro-spaced holes, so that you can achieve the perfect fit.

These wraps provide the most support during heavy weightlifting movements, but are comfortable enough to wear during high repetition gymnastics movements. The durability of the leather will allow the wraps to withstand years of daily use. All of our wraps are made to be worn during your entire workout. Support is only applied once you need it, allowing for greater comfort and ease of use. No more feeling like your hands are falling asleep during a workout because you put your wraps on too tight and no more rewrapping in between each set. Buckle them up and forget about them!

NOTE: Due to the thickness of the leather, these wraps will require a training session or two to break in. In order to speed up the process, you can break them in by just working them in different directions with your hand. Once they are broken in they fit like a glove! Due to the handmade nature of these wraps, there may be slight differences in color compared to the product image.

100% of proceeds go directly to supporting CS Athlete Wes Kitts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Darren Williams
Great Wraps

These Wraps arrived very fast but had a defective buckle. I notified Cal Strength and received a replacement right away. The wraps are a quality product and really give me the support I need. I really appreciate the great customer service.

Ignacio Mora
Wrist Wraps and Straps

I love them. They are great and have been relieving the pressure off my wrist.

jeancarlos penalver
wk wraps

they work great I like them a lot however one of the straps on the wrap I use for my left hand feels creased after two uses and feels like its going to break off. other then that they feel great.

Alex Young
Best Wristwraps

Very comfortable, broke in with one training session! Supportive but won't get in the way, despite the size, love the unique colorway as well, only available here!

Salvador Pozo
GREAT product!!!

Absolutely awesome tool for my training every day! From support on presses, squats and overall Olympic lifting I don’t even bother with my old wraps and Velcro products. Even the break in period was seamless, barely noticeable. Love the aesthetic look of these wraps and the branding is CLEAN. construction of the wraps is awesome and it’s not difficult to find YOUR proper fit and adjustment. Thanks again!